Monday, July 28, 2008


Is been a week...hectic week..I dont really know how to describe my week..Just...hectic..

Monday : Presentation for Hubungan Etnik..was not feelin too panic..Dont know is the lecturer problem or...?? I just can say Monday is i most happy day in this week..Not very good in presentation..I knew that..After class..Boyfriend, Rodney and Ee,4 of us was chit charting a whole evening..I kinda like the feeling..

Tuesday : The most emo day ever..Is presentation for Intro to Advertising..I know that our group not well prepare enough for it..Didnt prepare the powerpoint..Not well prepare for the script so and so...I am the worst for the presentation..Due to i too panic and forget all my script..God damn..So far the lecturer din put too much anger with our report..I know we done the lousy report..

Wahh..damn mood less ar...

I feel release after the presentation...Finally i can take a deep, big breath after that..

Wednesday : The most relax day ever...Nothing to present..Nothing to worry about..Just go to college and listen what lecturer says...I wish everyday also chill like Wednesday..

Thursday : Was skip the BM class..become very lazy lately..But i have use my attendance least roughly i can remember what class i have skip and how many times i have skip..But i think i will kena bar also le...ishhhh...Have to attend class without skipping class already..

I very like to sport for sure...I like to sweat weih..

At night i was following KinkiLee to find HSBC bank for changing her Pin number around Bukit Bintang area..At last we fail it..Very happy can yamcha with Kinki, Chucku and Wardy..Is the time i feel relax ever..

After that..I going to catch up The Dark Knight with boyfriend and his friends..This movie is the best ever after Transformer..How long i dont have this feeling..Good movie feeling..The joker was the best ever..

By the way...I was drunk till vomit at the same night..The feeling was not so good...I literally hate alcohol...

Friday : Slept a whole day...

Saturday : Catch up The x-file I want To Believe...arghhh not that good as i expect weih..
Disappointed with it..
Until now i dont even know what is the story talking about..

Last but not least...

Sunday : Not in mood to blogging...

Until Then..

Monday, July 21, 2008

19/07/2008 Movie @ Pavilion

Day before Saturday..Boyfriend told me that he cant accompany me when Saturday so i though that i lepak around at Pavilion and go and grab some stuff..But then suddenly he say he free already..So after class we bounce to Pavilion for HellBoy 2..

I didn't watch part i dont really know why got such giant thing and all that..But is okay for me..I just like to watch long as is movie then okay already..Boyfriend say part 2 not as good as part 1..and for me this movie just average so ..

After i promise WardyYap go find him at Sungei Wang which is his working place..Damn really hard to find la his shop..Almost faint at 2nd floor while finding his shop..He look very tired..i cant see through his eyes..His eye bag more serious then me already..I should feel happy or pity for him? haha..

Back to Desa View from usual yamcha with same old people..I kinda curious how they keep their friendship until today? Kinda salute for them..Everyday yamcha at the same place and keep in touch at the same place..

I wish to keep my friendship like this too..

Night bounce back to Pavilion again just for dinner..Keat with his gf, Rodney, Boyfriend and i meet JianShen, WanRu and WanTheng at there..I think i was too hungry already and cause me moody..Once i hungry i surely will no mood and get angry very easy..I also don't know why..

Was stumble some forum and i found this few logo..Sex Logo..I don't know the company is purposely to do so or...?? But still..i find it funny :D

should be kids-exchange..


Is a hot dog factory logo.. So weird lar the day that the fella swallow the hot dog..But i like this logo the most..

Shit..i accidentally deleted few of the logo..but i don't know how to upload again ar..I mean upload to the same place..ishhh...

Estee u very dump ar...

Finally i got some of my time to update my blog..But after this i have to suffer the presentation things again..Same old word..When i only can get over all this shit? Final is around the corner some more..


16/07/2008 Midterm Exam Result

Today we get back our midterm exam result which we suffer for last Wednesday..The result is unexpectedly..Out of my expectation..Guess what i just wrote 4 line for the essay part but i get 10/20 of it..i like what the hell?? Overall i get 33/50 for it..Serious i stratify..Cause i din really study hard for this subject..

But the lecturer not the final exam marker...Grezz...I hope he is..So that we can get higher marks and pass..

My classmate WoeiFoong..He make my day...check what he wrote in his paper..

Gosh..I din expect that the lecturer also reply him for that sentence..He such a joker..ahahahahaha...I cant help myself for not laughing this..

Another classmate of mine JiaHao had make a mistake that i believe everyone have been go through..

Got cha..Another thing that i forgot to take picture and post it up here..That is the mistake i have done..In intro to Advertising midterm..I change 'supplier' to 'Slipper'..Some more the lecturer must mention it out..



Sorry for late the updating..That few days really busy and emo for me to upload pictures and mention about the day before they go Krabi..But late is always better then don't have right?

12/07/2008 Yuan's Steamboat @ Sunway

The most surprise thing for me of that day is i saw TongVern..Which use to be my classmate for 1 sem..Is been really long time didn't keep i touch with before steamboat i just wrote and ask where have he been recently..Who knows we saw each other at the steamboat place pula..

They keep make fun of my reaction while eating steamboat..Is kinda long stuff they still can laugh until today...duhhh...

Estee & JianShen

Okay..he is copying me how i snoring..I swear i din do like that..

Here his is copying me how i beat people..Duhhh...

Rodney with his funny face & JasmineWan..

Joker sial..

JianShen & Keat with the 'dirty thing'

Was very enjoying the environment..They are such a nice person..Feel very comfortable mix with..After the steamboat thing..We bounce to near Ampang Park a Eastern restaurant yamcha..That time serious i am dead tired...

Blogger really take alot of my time lar...Have to refer to my presentation..

Until then..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Angles and Airwaves-The Adventure

First time listen to this song have no feeling for it..But the longer i listen the much i like..Really feel like going for adventure lar :D

Yesterday ajak KinkiLee go yamcha with boyfriend and Rodney..On the way to Hulu Langat hill Wewe phone Kinki for yamcha..So he join us as well..Later on Keat and his HongKong friend Gary if i not mistaken by his name join game..Last but not least JianShen and WanRu yam with us as well..

Wowww...Happening eh...

I like the feeling very much..Most if not all also first time meet each other..But the environment was very good..Reason why is we 38 enough..all of us..Wewe keep on act gay with Rodney..I started to worried if his condition continue like that i afraid one day he really become gay..No jokes..Kinki and him keep fooling around like nobody business weih..


Nothing is impossible..
Anything also will happen..

I always tell myself with that 2 line..So sometimes thing goes very surprise..It wont makes me feel odds and afraid to accept it..Human being is following the environment and change themselves slowly and slightly...Our self wont feel it but friend that care us the most can feel it easily..

Smoke and drink doesn't mean the person is bad...

Sometimes the person who didn't smoke or drink their personality maybe more worst than the first person that i have mention..

Don't judge a book with the cover...

Try to accept it and digest folks..

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Congrats to KinkiLee once again for her 100post !!
Man..i still got long way to go only can reach not even a half yet..
But chill...sooner or later i will reach 100post as well :D

Boyfriend have came back sincere i really miss him in pass few days..And now he is back..Kinda salute to them..Once reached Malaysia not get back home and hug blanky get a nice,beauty sleep first..they went to yamcha after reached their house..How energetic they are..If is me i will pretty sure that i will down after all those tiring trip..

Went to Pavilion for yamcha..though that hook at Starbucks and get a nice conversation..Suddenly that JianShen saw something opposite Starbucks that restaurant..Something like don't know order how many junk of beer cheaper or worthy..No doubts they went there and enjoy the 'western tea'.

I swear they all were pretty drunk..Oopss..I shouldn't say that..I mean they ARE drunk..pretty drunk..Keep shouting and playing around at the central of pavilion..I'm the only one who is awake..Cause i kinda anti acohol..


By the way..they keep fooling around with me and boyfriend..Duhh..I wish i were drunk too..But i enjoy the environment as well..Happening weih..
Will upload picture next time..they owe me alot...

Sat midterm and deadline for Design assignment...Monday and Tuesday presentation for HE and Intro to Advertising..
God save me please..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Maroon 5-Story

When i only can get over with the ASSIGNMENT this FUCKING SHIT BITCH thing?
I really wish i know when..
Just finish rush the fucking Advertising assignment then i have to continue Mass Communication assignment..after that is the Design assignment which have to pass up on this coming Saturday..


Saturday i have IT midterm as well..

God damn..

Do you think it is over?

I having 2 presentation next week which is on Monday and Tuesday..sob sob.. come i can manage my timetable nicely?I need yamcha, I need movie, I need time to take a deep, big breath...I need all of this..

But assignment shit is still kicking my ass....


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i FUCKING promise to FUCKING self that i will FUCKING never FUCKING ever do my FUCKING assignment like this again !!

Newton Faulkner-Dream Catch Me

This is the recent song that i like the most..Kinda bored with the song that radio keep on non stop playing the same OLD song..Sometimes i even straight switch off the radio and get some peaceful environment..Since when i become don't like music huh? I think is just temporary for me..No music No life :)

Today will be the most rush time for me ever...I hope is the first time and the last time..If is this situation continue like this..I swear i will kena heart attack in my young life..No jokes..

Purposely when to college earlier just wanna memories my speech well..Before the Advertising assignment deadline 12PM, everyone in my class only realised that we have to put our group picture as the cover page..Holy crap all rush like hell..take picture thru web cam, thru phone so and so..The thing is..We have to pass up our assignment before 12PM but the picture thing that we realised it is about 11something..

For sure all rush like nobody business..

Wearing high heels run here and there is a suffer thing for me...Due to last few week i twisted my right leg..I feel uncomfortable wearing it..Nearly fall down few times..pukima ar..Thanks to one of my classmate fetch us to print out our cover page..Although we have late for about 40minutes to pass up..But at least we pass up on the day ma right?

But lost few marks for sure..

Luckily WoeiFoong have told our Hubugan Etnik lecturer about extend our presentation to next monday..phewwww....serious lucky..and Thanks to Cikgu Amir for understanding..If is the presentation thing still going on..I and Carmen also don't know how to rush back to class from TBR...Thanks weih...

Reached home i saw WoeiFoong' personal message..He wrote : i FUCKING promise to FUCKING self that i will FUCKING never FUCKING ever do my FUCKING assignment like this again.. !!!

Cool weih...I like it very much..I dedicated this line for myself too :-)


As i promise from my older post that i will upload more picture that we went to SkyBar last week..and here goes the pictures :

I swear that i din drunk..okay??

Fooling around..

I know that my recent post keep on complaining the assignment shit thing...But the fact is i really stuck in this shit thing...Like today just finish pass up the Advertising assignment and then we have to stay back awhile to discuss Mass Communication assignment..and the deadline is WEDNESDAY...babi betul..Just wait for it..after the shit thing we have to prepare presentation thing again..again and again by non stop..After presentation is FINAL exam...God damn i wish i know when i only can get over this nightmare...

Life still have to go on..Stop blaming and do the action..


Monday, July 14, 2008

repEat ??

John Mayer-Say

Was suffering the memories part for tomorrow presentation, still got half of it i haven't memories it yet. But...this is the group presentation, if one of us done it well but the other group member not fully prepare yet..might be redo. The feeling very sucks..

I dont think they is fully prepare..That's what i have sense so far.Now already 6:04pm..I have not much time to memories it anymore..Advertising assignment havent finish yet..not yet print it out and so on.Might be redo as well..and the presentation thing..

Arghh...The feeling was sucksss...

I dont wanna repeat because of these reason..Hell no...

Now i already miss someone else..very very miss...Hope he doing well at there and im waiting him get back here..I assume that time i have finish suffer the assignment shit..

How long i never try the feeling already huh? I wish i know..


Katy Perry-I kiss a girl

Sorry blog..I was too busy to update you..but now before i get back to my hectic life= rush assignment,presentation and so on just roughly update lar :D

Kinki Lee you have 100 post already..congrats weih..

I swear i really fucking busy in this few weeks..Stupid college was like killing me softly..Slowly and softly...arghhh..No doubt the group assignment thing really kick me like shit..Not co-operate and so on..Sometimes i really worry i will repeat because of that..

Like now..Tomorrow was the deadline for the Advertising assignment..I dont think they have finish their past and so do i..What the hell i am doing now? Im blogging..Serious i have no idea have to squeeze out so many words for our new product..

By the way..Tomorrow i have presentation as well..and the good news is..I havent memories even a single word..Look at the time now..left not much time for me to prepare..I wish i have enough time..sigh..

Sky Bar 10/07/2008

Was plan before WardyYap flight to HongKong..and now he is back so we stick to our plan bounce to sky bar and chill..Come on..I need to chill as well alright..If not i cant guarantee i wont chisin..

The environment was good..But have no place for us to sit near the KLCC view..So i think we will bounce back to Sky Bar again..And i waiting for that day :D

Now i only know i hate alcohol very much..It taste sucks weih..I just taste once is already enough for me..Yea i know is was not worth go this kind of place and order chilled drink like Mango Drink..But i like it..

Just chill awhile at this nice place and we think that is enough for us..Cause our tummy was starving and the next day some of us got class and work..Although the time is short..but i feel very happy that can gather with all my dearest friends..

I love you guys yea..

Ian,Estee,Ee & Kinki

All of us..

Find one day we go play again yea ;) Promise will update more picture in coming blog..

Estee have been taken by someone else..

That's maybe is the big news among all of my friends..It kinda surprise me as well..Details will be blog when i finish all my assignment shit thing..I promise lar..

Now i happy what i have choose...


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