Saturday, August 30, 2008


Recently few buddies of mine suddenly addict to blogging..Didn't expect they got the blogging habits too..When i click the link that they post it up at thier MSN personal message..I feel shocked..Good also for me to catch up their recent mood..

Wardy and Kinki their Chinese writing is damn good..How long i never write or type in Chinese already?I think almost 2 years..I wondering i still remember those pinyin and things like that..
Even i wondering i still know how to speak or not..ishhh..
Their mood damn down now..every blog everyone also damn down..What's going on lar guys?
Figure it out and try to settle it down..

Keep on going no matter what happen...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Crush-David Archuleta

Current favourite song..if not mistaken this guy is second running up for the American Idol session 7, and the winner is David Cook..This cute 17 years old David have a clean voice too :-)

Lack of time for study actually..still got one week 7 days to go for covering 7 7, TUJUH, though very easy huh? All susah gila..have to memories the notes like nobody business..After memories..turn around to play some games for relaxing..and i forgot what i have memories just now...

Study hard la bitch..

When the result release, i can blame no one if i fail but just myself..No self-control at all...just wanna go out and get wild..Now i have a hard time to decide tomorrow whether wanna go for the fireworks final which local at Putrajaya or NOT..I wanted to go so badly cause can hang up with friends and enjoy the fireworks..On the other hand i really have no time to study if i choose to go..What should i do?

This Sunday 31/08/2008..Wardy will celebrate his 21th birthday( in chinese lar) at his house..Cant wait for it cause this is the good chance to gather with old friends..Gosh i miss you guys ;-)

Last but not least..

awww...she sooo cute...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Is been almost a month i din really update my blog..the reason why >>

1. really dead busy with all the assignment things and midterm..
tired balls..

2. I wish i got American-time..

3. okay okay..i admit that i damn lazy for doing this..

4. Exam is around the corner..just left one week to go..but i haven't memories even a shit..
waiting for resit balls..

Why lar human being likes to blame alot..?? I wish i know..

Till then..

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