Friday, July 31, 2009

Currently Status : AssignmentS

I have go through the toughest presentation ever...


Everyone is in dilemma now i suppose..because we are so struggle with the assignments..So much to do but so little of the time ( last minute kaki what to blame wo?) :)

Well i just have to go through on Wednesday and it's done..Im looking forward for it..


MTV's VJ Denise is soooooo pretty :D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The night Wewe become 21th !


Wewe's 21th @ Under his roof, OUG 25/07/2009

Ee face expression #1

Ee with her boy WeiChien

Kin face expression #2

Ee's #3

The birthday boy with our present - Condom for a week

Est with Ss

Kin : " im the best , im the best"

This is KenSheng

Now i only know they use nose too kiss each other

Picture taken before the 007 game start..Is the hint of how the loser of the night looks like :D

Gotcha !!

Loser #1

Loser #2

Loser #3 and #4
Loser #5

Cards game !

The loser have to finish up what we have add in the plate..That's really disgusting

I keep add and add and add

Loser Kin said : Sedapnya..

Wewe with his present :)

We fool, we play around under the fuggy weather..We sing, we wish he had a great 21th birthday ever..Lastly we play cards game, we add weird things in the food for the loser..

We had alot of fun :)
p.s: we should add more weird things and make it geng enough..

Happy 21th Birthday Wewe..Hope you like our present :D

Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's Twitt

Because of Coco Rocha, I create a twitter account..
But she seems rarely update her twitter..

*Thanks Muja :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Its all about the last few days of England!


England trip day 5 - Buckingham Palace, the day i saw Prince Charles..That's very lucky of me..But fail to take his picture dohh..


England trip day 6 - York..such a beautiful place with pretty people..I fall to this lil' place already :D


Last day at Sheffie Town..I shop like crazy before i head to airport..


Oh yeah..yesterday i had ruin my midterm test..I cant even see my tiny-little-hand-copy-ready-to-cheat-note when the lecturer is walking all around staring at us..

Make-good test..Great..

Monday, July 20, 2009

Slam the Dunk lahhhh

Finally i have some of my time to watch Slamdunk which borrow from Kin..
Sambil watch the dvd, sambil think the concept for the assignment and sambil do my work..
How good i am..

In the end..something happened and make me pissed off..
So geram you can imagine i am..

The dvd dont have the FINAL part!!!!!!!!!!
Which they go for the national game !!!!!!

I very very very very very very very very very very very very angry ahhhhhhhhh....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 4, Still at London

Today i have the best midterm test i ever had..Can i have the same method for every midterm test..please????

Alright, continue my England trip post..this time i visit the museum of mummy..Real dead mummy that kind..

Day 3 @ British Museum - Natural History Museum - Tower Bridge and Palace of Whitehall

Summer time at England is real best..I always see matsalleh like to have a "sun bath" by lying at the park that always shown on tv..Now finally i understand the feeling..

At the very random barely see me stand under the sun..

Not Genting that one..

British Museum..

Kin your favourite creature..

I wonder what does this mean..


They forced me to do so -_-

Finally i reached the hall Egypt hall..I smell a very strong herb makes my nose pain too..I think those herb thing is to protect Mummy body to be immortal as they wish..

Something like their coffin..even inside the coffin it got pattern too..It show how chariness is..

This is the real mummy..

Egyptian look..

Can you spot the liquor thing?

I capture it for my mum to buy toto..

This slipper very familiar huh? I even have one -_-

This one really scare me..

Finally went to the place that can make me feel peaceful China hall..This deer jade earing very cute huh?

Wang kertas..

The Indian God Shiva and Parvati..Their son is one of the famous God with the Elephant head..The husband also known as Dance God..Once the world appear alot of "bad" human being..He will dance, and the world will be perish. So don't mess with him..

Ice-cream van..

This is the Natural History Museum..

Palace of Whitehall..Henry for generation also live in this Palace ..The Palace have a very famous Henry VIII story..He had 6 wives and he killed all of them, included 2 of them head chop-off in this Palace..Someone claims that they saw ghost walking around ..

Up next is the Tower Bridge..Too bad is under renovation..

Everyone know the famous London Bridge huh?Even nursery rhyme also had a song of it..There this is the London Bridge..Is soooooooo normal..Everyone though the Tower Bridge is London Bridge..But they are totaly wrong!!

In the early century..the London's house is too coarctation..If one of the houses catch in fire..the rest also will kena all the way until the London Bridge..

"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.."
And then the bridge have the song..

The another side view of Palace of Whitehall..

I really like the weather :D


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