Thursday, January 29, 2009


I especially like the day 1 and 2 of Chinese New Year KL street..The road was like no car..haha..even the higher jam rate Bukit Bintang only just got few cars..I like the feeling weih..But now all back to the normal-Pack continue Pack..Pack like nobody business Pack!

Chinese New Year for me is almost the same for every year..Eve makan reunion dinner at grandma house as usual..Chit chat with family memebers at Day1 and follow Remy head to Subang collect ang pau from his family members..The result not bad *wink*

This year really not a gamble year for me..I lose quit alot when during gamble session at Wardy's crib althought i just bet rm1..I just can said that Wardy's house is the most suitable place for gamble..haha..

And yea im going to Sunway Lagoon during Day3..Is dead hot out there and i have no idea why i promise to join..But im fine because it was quite fun and most important is i no need pay for every single stuff..hahahaha..So i now become more tanned then before...gosh...

Today is the Day4 of cny..suppose going to cny visiting..but still we dont know the time yet -__________-

Sunday, January 25, 2009

As promises..i will post the pictures all about Tenji..Gosh it makes me miss all the food weih..

The decoration it was way so comfortable..

I miss this :)

Chocolate chocolate..

This is the super huge lamb..

The whather really can kill me in these few days :(

Friday, January 23, 2009


This is the best after exam present ever..RM55 for 5hours..yums yums...

Tenji @ Solari,Mont Kiara 23.01.2009

If im not mistaken is the Jogoya tauke open another buisness is all about Japanese buffer which located at Soho..It was so lucky for us because we got to book it before they cut the booking line..RM55 for 5hours worth everything :)

My makan buffer teori is ate all the food that worth for the i ate 3 oyster..I thought i want get for another 1 but they said ate 2 much not good so i quit..haha..

I thought i will so full after makan for 5hours but the fact is i still feel hungry..I even finish a regular pizza by myself :) Oh yes my weight is gaining !! Promise will upload more pictures at the next post..It might not so many choice as Jogoya but go cuba-cuba also not bad huh?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I would like to change my hairstyle..
Anythin will do..

How cool if i can get a short haircut like Agyness..


But the reality tell me that : I not suit short hair..


me when 10years old :)


Friday, January 16, 2009


I think this is all we need for Tamadun China huh?
From Confucius to Zen even I-Ching..

That's my bro collection..not mine..So i know nothing about all the FengSui and stuff like that..

By the way..I literally hate Tamdun Indian..
Semua name indian susah nak ingat dohh -_________-

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How many books you have read for a year? Yea is a year..dont lar included those note that we have to study until burn the midnight oil just to pass the exam..What i mean is those books that you saw outside..and what is your answer?

My answer will be : 3 or 4 books a year..Not included the book that i have already read for 2 or maybe 4 times..But is count as less compare with others -__- mempersuasuikan dohhh...I can said that im kinda choosy for decide which type and who is the author for me to make the choice that buy or read the specific book..Oh yes like magic those kind of book i like :D Harry Potter will be my first choice..and what else i will go for it?

No doubt is this intelligent fella : Giddens 九把刀

Oh well i can say is this fella is a genius of written all type of books..From love story to horror and unexplained story..I not a fans of love story..Because for me every love story is almost the same in every single books i have read..But Giddens use his incredible imagination and his really-super-duper good writing skill too bring out an unforgettable love story ever..Hell yea you got to believe this :)

For the horror and unexplained story is full of imagination of murdering people..Few type of the books few type of skill to get others life..While you reading cant help yourself but think : Do this the same author that have written the love story? Due to his super geng writing skill..You will gonna believe the murder story that he have wrote is truly came by his own story..

Other than this 2 type of books..He also wrote about KungFu series and some comedy story books..Again im not the big fans of Kungfu series girl so if you have read it feel free to tell me how you feel about it :) Told ya im a choosy person..

And here is the books i have read of this author :)

Latest Books of Giddens- Not the man face or even the pink nipple make me buy this book..It just because of the author of the book :D Haven't finish read yet..But i can tell is another good story of him..

Comedy series of Giddens - this books is really funny..hahaha..
Rank : 3/5

Love story series- So sweet yet so bitter..awwww...
Rank: 4/5

This books is talk about what his mum go through her cancer but not forgetting to care her children..I remember i have tears by reading this book..and the book not at my house but at who's house lar?

Killer series: Few type of killer with few type of way of killing people..Im not the fans of killing people type again..So yea I just read 1 book of the series..

City fear series: I have read this book about 3 times..It already prove how good the story are ;)

City Fear series- This is the book that i have mention at the early part..A ordinary people living at the same apartment but end up all kill each other..
Warning: for those who have negative thinking i warn you that really dont read this book..It really not good..
But the story darn nice lar..

Kungfu series- I remember i din finish read this book but the book dont know gone to which fella already..

Love story series- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! is a MUST read item..I read this book when i was f4 or f5 and i kinda forget what the storyline about..But this book have a good credit in my mind..Definitely will read it after exam..
Rank:10/5 :D

City Fear series :" Now Mr.Game give you play a game that can gain the relationship of the family..Son, have to finish all the standard3 mathematics exercise in 1hour, wrong more then 5question your mummy head will appear a hole.Mummy you have to use the screwdriver to pull all of your 34teeth in 1hour,If you cant completed it your son never ever able to watch tomorrow cartoon .Daddy i give you a gun you have to shoot whoever cant completed their mission in 1hour..
Let's the game begin..."
Rank: 5/5

City Fear series- This book have 2 story that really unexplained..But it way interesting..
Rank : 4/5

Love story series- This 2 is another ordinary love story..Nothing special but i truly impress how Giddens bring out the feeling of a couple that details...
Rank : 4/5

Giddens have total wrote 40books..but i just read 1/4 of his really not enough for me and i know where got cheap cheap sell his books, No doubt after exam i surely bumped to the bookstore and buy all those books..........If i got extra $$ lar.. By the way you can click this website to read all of his books :)

Last i would like to say : Hey weihhh..where is all my Giddens book lar?I really have no idea i borrow my book to who lar..If you read this please inform me my books is with you i will appreciate it ;D and to my friend few of your books still in my hand..haha

Till then..Gotta prepare for tomorrow BM Lanjutan..Gosh i hate BM !!
Good luck :)


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