Sunday, November 30, 2008


Haha..I found this at Patrick's blog...This video makes me miss the great old days when we still studying Certificate together..No sailfishes, No arguments just Full of funny and peaceful environment..

Okay..let me introduce TongVern with the white shirt actually transfer to another college to continue his further studies..I think he is doing fine..and dont know why kinda miss him sometimes :)

The gold hair and lala zai wannabe is SeeTohZhenLiang..He is such a joker at the class...ahahahahah..I think everyone of us miss him like freak...The way that he talk..The way that he act and etc can really makes us loud our ass out..Because he have to repeat the subject so he cant continue to diploma with us ;( How sad..Now he is the Hondo Sale man at Kuantan :D By the way he damn scare of his girlfriend..ahahahaha..

Last but not least is Patrick..He is a very nice guy i ever meet..He will lend you a hand whenever you have problem but never ask for pay back..Till now he is just like my big bro take care all of us at college :D

Just received a call and finally someone free to bring me out..wheeeeeee...But i regret that i din take a nap and now i am damn sleepy :(



you make my world go round ever since I met you,

don't give it a halt, please?

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Is been a week..
Recall back what i have busy for this week..Is all about attending classes,prepare for my midterm test,hand up assignments and etc..Getting more and more busy when its near to end of the sem..means that Final is around the corner..puff*

ShuetYee's Birthday Blash @ Pavilion 25/11/2008

A small reunion for all of us to celebrate this cutie birthday..As usual we talkcock we eat we take lots of lots of pictures :D But enjoyable moments is always ends quickly..Just awhile we have to said goodnight and goodbye to everyone of them and ended the day..

The Birthday girl with Estee and Wardy :)

Rachel Ng..

with SS..

The guys and the birthday girl..


May wish you all the best and dream comes true yea :D
Happy birthday once again...


The next day was..

Ryan 21th Birthday Dinner @ Klang 26/11/2008

and yeah i have a morning 10am replacement class until 6pm at the same day..I am damn tiring at the same time..But still,i have to travel along to Klang just for this fella birthday dinner :D
By the way..that was a very last day i sat Rodney's Blackbird(car)..He sell his love and only one (car) to his friend due to his daddy ask him to change a new one..I can see through how sad is him..Because he really put alot of effort to take care his car..Poor Rodney..

I have to say..I would like to head down Klang and makan seafood dish again..Cause is stupid cheap and cheap but delicious..11 of us with 2 crab 2 lala dish 1 fish 1 vegetables 2 deer meat dish 1 toufu still got few more dish but i have forgotten and just coast RM 225...How cheap is it huh?

Lastly Happy birthday to you again yea...Have a good one :D

Monday, November 24, 2008


When we bored..we do this at lab...


Sunday, November 23, 2008


We woke up at 5 in the morning and 6 of us heading to

Bukit Tabor@ Melawati 22/11/2008

5days of a week i have to wake up damn early because of 8am class..Is quite suffer for me that waking up so early when is Saturday..I mean is the only day i can sleep until afternoon..sob..Before we get the idea of hiking the mountain..Chuck and i as a pair group for the photography assignemnt and need to take some shoot related about landscape..So thats the hiking idea pop out..And it was so happening few of them willing to hike with us also :D

Follow the traditional..Chinese is always late..No doubts for this time too..but we also manage to start our very first journey around 6am and got help from a little and slight sun light..Due to a lil dizzy rain at the morning so the first 10minutes of the journey was tough..Is so damn tough compare with the rest of the walk..The very first person who quit is Rodney..dohhh..He just have his own walk 10minutes and he cant stand go back home sleep like a pig..ahahahahahaha...

He is Rodney Pak..23 years sux man :D

After all the jokes with Rodney aka nie nie..We continue our walk..Its not tough at all compare with the 1st 10minutes walk..Is need 2 climb so much and handle the slippy mountain road..At the meanwhile..Its raining again..From dizzy become the heavy one..But it never stop us to continue although is quite dangerous :D

When i saw the view..and im satisfy with it..alot...

The morning sunlight :D

The damp..

Nice huh?

Chery,Chuck,Estee and Remy

With Sidney and 5 of us..Rodney sleeping at home already..

For all of us of 1st time hiking the mountain..We did a pretty good job..Im not sure where do we reached and how high we at..But thats was fun to doing this..Might try again next week :D

After the hiking..We all go back to our own crib and sleep like nobody business..

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This week is been very hectic for me..By the way i failed my Tamadun Islam test dohh -___- Next week is the week for resit the test if is failed once again i have to repeat..Hey is REPEAT dont make fun with this word..I might be repeat a whole year just because of babi Islam thing..Hell no..

One thing..I really dont get it..Pass few days i plug my hi-fi speaker to my laptop think of watch movie will get a better sound effect..But when i unplug the thing from my laptop and whats happen himself speakers DONT make any sound..I was like DAMN what happen to it again wo?? I din drop it,i din simply set those sound but happen this kind of thing..So i ask my friend for help and they teach me go here and check and go there see whats going on maybe the setting run aways already or what..I admit that im damn stupid in computer thing..this is an open secret for every friend of mine..No doubt this time thanks for my simply-click sense and accidentally uninstall sound device..I am so damn sakit hati at the same time woi..sigh..

Now i have install back the sound device..Thanks God it works but still, the speaker still dont make a sound..Thats very sad for me..for now i just can use headset and listen to it..But better then nothing huh? I just want to make myself feel better dohh..

I found this song from Rodney's desktop..I assure everyone of you sure listen of this song before..Thats very popular when few years back..This song is from a local girl band..But unfortunately one of them pass away because of car accident and another one of the band now is a lawyer and she is doing well in her career...

Juliet the Orange-Eyelash

Please dont mind about watching Malaysia made music video..i know is kinda err...and cause it made by students i suppose..But you wont be regreting spend few second of your time to load and finish listen to the song..You will like it :D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008










I swear i din torture him -________-

Sunday, November 16, 2008


The feeling of your eye terkena vicks is so damn sux..

Movie @ Pavilion 16/11/2008

Finally i have the time for catch up this movie with bunch of fellows..There was no regret to watching it cause is so darn funny :D

From the part 1 of the movie i already like those talented and genius penguin..They are so adorable ( for me lar some said looks so annoying?? but for me is just so cute) They know how to control the ship from the part 1 and then control the plane as well..How cute they are??


When you tough everything is perfect and just waiting for the right time but the fact dosent always follow the way that you plan..

I thought i will be working for the 4 days and didnt crash with my studies time..But is NOT..oh my have to think all over again..Arghh..

Always like that..

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am speechless :-s

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My bro said he just order a camera for me..A reporter use camera but not DSLR type..
so means..??
I dont get it...
Just wait for 1 more week i can play with it already..
yeppee :D

College life become more hectic then before...I just only realize i spent lots of money at my assignment..Opps i mean my parents :) i just claim it back..haha...Photography have to print it out 4 of 8r size..Design assignment 2 we have to print a2 size and use like those poster materials..Err as your info that not cheap weih..Even tbr the-cheapest-printing-shop lot-ever also cost us rm90..*ouchh i can feel papa Cheah's wallet aching..But i think we should compare the price with few of the shop and only decide..thats not cheap weih..

[ я σ d л ε ү ™ ] sent 11/11/2008 8:56 PM:
college life is like that wan la
[ я σ d л ε ү ™ ] sent 11/11/2008 8:56 PM:
but when everything all done
[ я σ d л ε ү ™ ] sent 11/11/2008 8:56 PM:
very syok...
[ я σ d л ε ү ™ ] sent 11/11/2008 8:56 PM:
if everything no to feel that syokness jek

Agree huh? Im kinda enjoy it right now :)

Pals dont forget next week we have to pass up Design assignment 2, EP tutorial assignment and Tamadun islam 1st it out !!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Few days back..I saw a very cute doggie was lepak around my neighbourhood..I was thinking a another poor thing dump by her owner again..Until the same night i only find out that my parents was so addict with this poor thing and they feed her and sayang her..My mum lagi geng she hide the doggie at the Dewan which opposite with my house cause scare of catch dog those crazy fella catch away this poor thing..they are soo cruel T_T She even make a mini dog house for the doggie..

She was so adorable and very obedient..She even will manja your feet and ask for sayang..How cute she is huh? The next day when i came back from college..she AT MY HOUSE already..I was very happy and glad that my parents will keep her until got people wanna rare her or else will send her to SPCA..Due to my house already have a doggie so no extra space for her..Some more she is a girl sure my old doggie will hamsap her..mama Cheah cant tahan of that...

Thought that yesterday my parents will send her to SPCA..but mama Cheah said keep her for 1 more week..Alah confirm that mama Cheah wanna rare her already one lar..She just soo cute..One thing is she still a baby dog so surely will bite all the stuff that she seen : shoes even plants..Dohh look messy weih my garden...

Every Sunday opposite my house that Dewan have a dog training hour for everyone..So papa Cheah bring her and ask the trainer which kind of dog she is..and the answer is..

Golden Retriever

Uishh nice dog weih...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Still figuring which type of magazine i need to do for the design assignment 2..scratch my head and think a whole night long..Even open up my laptop and simply sketch with the illu..but still blank in my mind..Kinda worry cant finish before the dateline..and hell no im gonna rush like last monday to print out and things like that..that was damn rushed weih..I dont like the feeling

I do have the concecpt of the magazine..sketch it out at the blank paper was piece of cake..But when i do it with illu it was so damn Remy decide to go Melati around Zoo that place with full of graphic things and take few picture of it..That was a good idea dohh..

Still got doze of the pictures..but it was dizzying rain at that day and those stupid mosquito keep finding us..Ended up 3 of us suffer of the itchy-ness and faster pack our things and run away..Hey that was so suffer weih..i think i kena almost 10 of mosquito bite around my was sooo suffer...

Dateline of this assignment was postpone due to the lecturer have some problem with his family..hope everything is okay although he treat us so damn bad..But we are kind people..still got 1 week time to finish it so wish me luck :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


What a miserable day i ever had :(

Sunday, November 2, 2008


They said the bunny with pokka boxer looks stupid but i said it looks really cute and cool :D


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