Friday, September 26, 2008


Metro Station-Seventeen Forever

Gosh..i really get addict to this band already..I cant get over with their album :D

I like to eat McDonald..and i always do..So surely i will gone more earlier than you guys..One week i have to eat at least twice..yea is McDonald..I just will feel sick of eating it when i 'ter-kena' ate the lousy fried..after that i will be not eating for few weeks but then at last back to the normal..

The most delicious fried i ever ate is at Masjid Jamek near Centre Market that McDonald brunch..Chun weih..

My friend always face the same old problem..The problem that he cant get over since 1st year till now..Okies here the story : He fall for a girl which same class with him..The girl quite cute i meet her in few times..That time i keep on encourage him go after her since i heard a positive news from the girl's friend..But he just stood at the same position and never try to move forward..Day goes by day..He didn't do anything to prove to the girl..and the girl is feel fed up already i suppose..Their relationship became worst..for him he thought that be friend is better than a couple..But that's not the girl was thinking too..I guess she done alot of thing such as keep talking insulting stuff or thing like that to grab back his attention for going after her..But her action makes him misunderstood and starting to hate her..Now thing even gone worst..He is in deep suffer now..

Pass means pass..You blame yourself also cant get back right?Just find the best solution and build back the relationship between you and her..That's the only thing you can do..


Maybe i can use this holiday time to improve my illustration and photoshop thing?Simply click also is a artistic picture right? :D Or maybe i can take my laptop and stay at remyjus's place watch DVD for a whole day better than staying home alone?? Should plan wisely with my holiday..

By the way...I was too bored and watch tv with papa Cheah(i really so long never watch tv already)..He just like to watch old school kung fu series or maybe movie..Every movie is related with old school kung fu he also layan..I am just curious our great-great-great-great-great-greatx10000 grandfather or grandmother so geng in their kung fu skill? They can fly here fly there as they wish..kill their enemy like killing a mosquito..1 man can kill thousand of people without anyone back him up...

Geng leh..

Some more..Those movie also use the same old trick let the main character to fall to each other..Such as a pretty girls was fighting against the enemy but she failed and the good looking geng hero come and rescue her..They look to each other eyes and the seances it was taken few second and i already know both of them fall to each other already..

Funny but some of the series very nice weih..

I like to watch this although is not geng geng kung fu series :D

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Metro Station-Kelsey

Anoher nice song for Metro Station..Kinda addict to this band already weih :D

Chuck Belated Birthday 22/09/22008 @ Secret Receipe Lot10

Okay..let's keep it short and let the pictures tell the story of the day with these lovely people ;)

She was too starving and makan those DouShaPean which i bought it back from Penang..

Sooo cute..awww...

Okies..Distubia as Kinki said..ishhh..

Guests of the day :

Wardy Yap : i not ready yet weihh..

Ee : dont capture me please...

Kinki Lee : Im ready..Im DAMN ready !!

Wewe: Im late sorry im late :D

with Ee >3

Chuck you really open your eyes till soo big lar..

with Birthday Boy !!

Nice shoot Kin..

Kinki accidently have this idea with the hole

cute balls..haha

Gay partner of the day :


Peggy early birthday celebration + small gathering 23/09/2008 @WongKok Pavilion

Is kinda funny because both of the organizer din attend at that day..Colleen has forget have this gathering and same goes to Dean..He find me chat at the same morning via msn and i mention about it he only remember..Geez...and YinLing i hope everything fine with your grandma yea..

Yeeyang..your face..haha..

Dean Mc kikstyo aka Zhenyu..

Long time no see yea Louis !!

Tomorrow is your birthday yo !

Stupid Wewe use focus mode and capture all of us ugly face...Geram..

Gay partner of the day :

wewe if you continue act gay..surely u turn to them one day..Im serious..

Wewe & Dean

Focus you back lar..haha


with Wewe..

with Louis !!

funny couple..haha...

Owh..Last but not least..The video of the day :
Chuck's Birthday wishes

cakap=tak cakap


I just wanna go out and i dont want stay at home..
Why always im the person who have to look after the house when everyone went out?
I literally hate this feeling..
My friends all going out but i have to stay at home alone..

and i really dont like you bitch..
Please use your god damn brain before you move your god damn step..
you are nothing but with the bad attitude..
behave yourself and i will be appreciate..

Dont ever think that i will be nice and talk with you again..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Abba-Dancing Queen

Oldies always is the best !

At the 3days and 2nights of Penang the matter about eat and eat and eat..I like the duck egg fried 'kuai tui' (perhaps i spell correct eh) that's KL is unable to taste this dis..Before i back to KL i go makan this dis again :D

By the way those food are much cheaper then same soup noodles is just here u wont able to see this price sell..And unlucky the 3days when i at Penang is raining makes me just can stay at home cant go out and play!!

Gosh..funny couple ;)

This little cute poodle belong to Remy's uncle named Money..when they called his name like 'Money come Money come' good word for Chinese creative..He like people to sayang him and like to being attention lar..Now i kinda miss him already..Money ahh..

He kiss me ;D


love ya..

The very next day we decide to go to the beach..How long i never swim already huh?If my skin din allergic toward klorin i think i will swim twice a week..I just like to swim but too bad lar..The beach is just toooooooooooooooooo dirty..If you guys think wanna swim at the beach..My opinion for you is will regret cause i have to bath twice in the same time after the swim..Gosh the dirt the sand..I just hate it..Ewww..But very fun playing with the wave la :D

My expression show how dirty is the beach water..


The thing that i worry is i become more tan after this trip..and my worry had become true..Ishh..I just hate being tan and misunderstood by others that im Malay...The fact is im NOT malay..So the last day before i get back to KL..i resist to swim at swimming pool under the hot sun..Hell no..

One thing we bought 5:30pm ticket from Penang to KL..but when i reached KL is already 11++ weih..Luckily i still manage to go home if not i will overnight at Pudu station dohh..

I feel very nice for this trip..Beach and food..What a wonderful match..I hope to go back there again with another bunch of friend :D

But i just dont like stay under the sun..NO..

Goodbye Penang!


Boys like Girls-Thunder

I'm back yo!

I wondering weather i've gain my weight or not because i ate quite alot when at Penang :D Will blog my Penang trip soon..

Miss your farewell party but Good Luck and have a Safe Journey at UK yea JianShen!!

I have a great time with you ;-)


18/09/2008 Day before Penang trip-Steamboat & KongMinDeng

Okies..flash back when day before my Penang trip..Wewe bought a 'KongMinDeng' which suppose have to play it during Moon Cake Festival but we postpone until today..Luckily i menage to play this little thing..Plan keep change and change..At first Wardy,Wewe,Ken,Kinki,Ee,Chuck and I thought steamboat at Cheras after that bounce back to OUG wewe's house play KongMinDeng..Due to some problem we play it near Ampang here..haha..I think the plan change twice when we makan :D

wewe part 1

wewe part


After the steamboat thing..we bounce to Chuck's house which most near to Cheras and write all the wishes inside..we keep fight for the space to write our greedy quite alot..Especially girls..3 of us can finish 1 big space..haha..Greedy women weih..I just hope i pass all my subject..That's all...God save me please...

I like this picture lar..

This what i mention..Greedy women with Greedy wishes..



and No3..

Hey finally i wrote Chinese word after all the decade i din't wrote it..My handwriting in chinese become pretty odd but yea i still menage to wrote all my wishes :D


Estee with Kinki..

Ken the LikSou ;)

I think this little fella started to date already..Congrats yea !!

Wardy,Estee & Ee

I bought you 'DouShaPeng' from Penang weih..

Okay..There was still plenty of space of the thing so the Wewe have an idea and drew all of our faces inside it..Gosh i wish he never do so cause our faces changed to creature or maybe monster under his beautiful drawing skill..

The 'Family Portrait'..

Wewe himself with thick eyebrow and lips..

Nothing special with Chuck..Strike hair with glasses..

Since when i become Malay with Tudung huh?Ishh..

Same goes to Wardy..Nothing special weih..

Ken with his small eyes..

I really have no idea why Wewe ruin Ee's face..ahahahahaha...

Kinki you can admit this lil girl is not you ;)

After wrote all our wishes..We go to the nearest field to put it up..We like doing criminals thing so excited..Dark field at public place with criminals thing..Dohh..At first i thought this thing cant 'fly' high when its done..But im wrong..Totally wrong..It flies very high upon the sky..It brighter then the star which held at the dark night..It going to the moon to send our wishes..I cant even describe my feeling at that moment..We sat quietly and watch the little thing fly with full of gentle and confident..

It fly so high...

Oopss..I almost late for my next plan..Just came back from Penang the next day snack out again T-T My mummy wont screw me it such a miracle..Damn...


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