Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I really lack of idea to design every single assignment already..tired shit, balls..

Just complain about no time for movie at my previous-previous post..But then after saying that bumped to watch movie at the same day :D

Movie Preview :

Luckily Ee help us bought the ticket after she work at Pavilion if not we really go out with nothing..Although Ee help us bought at the early time but still, we need to sit at the 1st row..damn the screen is too wide to fit in to my eyes man..But one thing good for me is..I can simply 'put' my leg to where and what pose i want..no worries about front sit people and things like that..Cool..

The movie was funny..Until the end of the movie i only know the aggressive boss was Tom Cruise..Uishh no wonder his body figure looks so weird at the movie..Ee and i was discuss about it every time the character shows up..Anyhow it was a good movie to loud your ass off and release your TENSION !!

Damn i hate this word..

Afterthat..Long lost friend Ebel was planning to give Kinki a surprise at the same night..Day before the night she already discuss with me and all..But things not going what we expected..Kinki knows her plan but have to pretend she is so DAMN surprise when Ebel show up..what can i say? Best actress : Kinki Lee..

is a good take anyway...hahaha....

What can i said? I think every single movie of Nicolas Cage was AWESOME !! No doubt is another good movie of him..The action was damn chun and the Thailand guy-Kong was good looking too :D Thats what i think while watching the movie lar..haha..

You should catch it up by yourself :)

This few days was busy with assignments..I know every post i also keep mention about it but the fact is..Im really suffering with the shit..dohh...

Tomorrow is a nice, great Saturday..Should do something to bright it up the day by not wasting it :D BUT finish the assignment first lar bitch..

Monday, October 27, 2008


Hey serious..I never know my secondary old mates can move their ass better then me weih :D

Kinki's Birthday @ CocoBanana 25/10/2008

Okay..I admit, that night was the crazy night i ever been...I was back early that night cause of i really cant stand of the packed environment and the speaker..The huge thing just right beside our table and i almost half-deaf when walk out from the place..As i know is all drunk like hell vomit like shit :D

We were the last car to arrive the place..so Highway keep speed and hope to reached the destination earlier..Ermm i can said that i really dont like to sit in the speed car lar..Dont like the feeling weih..3 of us-kinki,law and i was holding the holder cause he really drive damn fast..me the middle one just can touch the car 'celling' to balance myself..While highway flash the car in front us and pass by the car, i think the driver will feel kinda funny cause 3 of use was doing to same pose-holding the holder..ahahahaha..By the way we not the last gang who reached there lar..

Kinda surprise few of the old fellow face show up..I think before graduate they already disappear until today i meet them back..Glad to meet them back again :D Total 20 of us open 4 bottle..that was crazy man..I mean for those who can drink very well 4bottle is easy as ABC to them..But got few of us included me didnt drink at all open 4bottle was like..torturing the others..

But who cares...Just get drunk lar !!

And yea..few of them was so damn drunk during the middle of the night..especially Ian..he keep force me to drink and 'grab' me..yea is GRAB me to his side and talk damn loud to me..Oy i already half-deaf with the speaker and you still talk so loud to my ears like that? Makes my ears so damn itchy lar T_T Luckily few of my friend help when Ian 'attack' me ;) Thanks guys..and i know that Ian is really happy about that night..cause serious we didnt hang out such big gang for so long already..So i also okay with he abit-over-too-high reaction lar..

After that night..I know that Kinki was throw up and get cut by the broken glass in the club..Poor thing get hurt at her big day..But i assume that she is happy that night..Everyone was gone crazy..Maybe this is the best chance to release their tension..I suppose..

Other thing is..Those crazy people push Wardy and kinki head and make them kiss..I stand quite far from them feel wanna lend a hand to Wardy and Kinki also cannot..end up i stand there and enjoy to seeing that sense :D Enjoyable..ahahahahahaha...

The girls..

The guys...

Alfred you pushing us..

Estee with Ken..

Long time no see weih..

Law with his new look :D

Go people go..

With Qynnie..

Khan !

The crazy Ian that i mention..dohh..

Layan sendiri when they all gone lost...

I found the few pictures funny..Concentrate at Wewe's face..hahaha...


Again dohhh.....ahahahahahaha...

Im happy im happy im REALLY happy spending time with them..Although have to kena step,push,force to drink by them BUT is okay for me...Most important is we have a great time with each other..

Happy Birthday yea Kinki Lee Mei Chyi :D

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Heyaa weih..I really no such time to watch MOVIE !! I wanted to catch up some movie so badly lar but i really dont have the time :x

Timetable was damn packed..Once free i head to rush my assignment..Gee where to i find the TIME to catch a movie? Poor thing ever..

Design assignment 1 week 5- wtf? now already week 3 i haven't sketch any shit and all that..some more need illustrator to completed it..Oh god..

Electronic Publishing (tutorial) group assignment week 6-Advertisement, this almost complete..just need to do some adjustment and the report thing after that prepare to present..

English 1st presentation on week6- Eh? I dont even know which topic i need to present weih..After this still got another group presentation T_T

Bahasa Malaysia Lanjutan week 8-arghhhhh..I hate BM ever..I still dont know what's going on with this assignment lar..

Photography group assignment week 14-Luckily still got plenty of time to discuss and work with it..But really need to use DSLR meh? This assignment i also kinda blur with it..Is need to do some merchandise or something? I mean real merchandise..

Electronic Publishing (practical) group assignment week14-I still cant get it why tutorial and practical have different assignment?Some more this really want use to create a magazine..30 page max if i not mistaken..not included the cover page..Oh i damn sad..But feel glad that the lecturer pity our wallet said that no need print our work out which is the whole completed magazine..Just need to present it thru laptop then gao dim..phew..

The rest of the subjects is need to do with the midterm and finals..But the subjects with full of assignment need to do with the midterm things..too ! Oh dear this sem i really will be half blind cause of non stop facing the com and trace thing + i dont have extra time to enjoy my day..

Assignment you sux..
shoo~shoo~ go away please..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Okay..here's the thing..
I literally hate making decision, so Please no decision for me and thanks for it..
Decide already only tell me and dont ever expect i will give you a god damn decision..
Believe me you dont wanna try it..

My illustrator and photoshop skill is really pissed me off..I cant figure it out how to use and when to use..Fuck i swear after graduate i wont involve in advertising firm..Trace thing it makes my eyes feel so bad..

I hate I hate and i FUCKING HATE...


Monday, October 20, 2008


Cousin brother and I.. Look smart hor :)

Congrats :D

Holly crap..I fail 1subject require from my 1st sem result...I fail the subject that i hate the most and i weak in that language the most-Bahasa Malaysia..

Cb..i cant get over that i am damn weak in this subject since primary school time until secondary now even college..I mean WEIH I REALLY DONT LIKE BM LAR..But the fact is you live at Malaysia which is Islam country you have to learn the language..This sem i already have 2subject which related about BM now i have to resit another celaka BM subject...Cis..

Chill..Next sem i dont allow myself to resit any subject anymore..I dont want to pay any $ to stupid Tarc already weih..I have enough of those subject that dont related about the course but still we have to sit for it..

Okay..bumped to the night that...

Quattro Opening 17/10/2008 @ Avenue K

All of us decide to check out the new club which located Avenue K opposite Malaysia trademarks KLCC..The special thing about the club is there were 4 different area-Autumn,Spring,Summer,Winter..Everyone is allowed in so the club is pack as hell..We bumped there around 9something due to the reason we get free flow from 8pm-11pm..But is crowed like heck we cant get any of achohol or things like that..Can said that i din drink any of shit at that night..Another thing,we keep stay at Autumn Club and didnt check out another area..I wondering where is the Winter bar cause i really interest in that..I think Quattro was great but the crowed is too much to handle..

I will definitely give another chance...

Nothing much happen at that night other then their foolish dance move :D is damn crazy, balls..Feel surprise that appear few of familiar faces but i think they are the one who feel surprise too *hint hint :)

Gossip Girls..

Pack weih...

ShuetYee in the house..

Kin was so lost at the moment..

I look damn tanned among all of them weih...

Remy Remy..

Another bunch of friends :D

My turn lost at the moment..

The bouncer was funny, balls..

Julia & I..She was so adorable..

Ee yee damn sensitive with the camera..haha..

I have a great night...Not great in that i enjoy the place and drink but is with bunch of my lovely friends..As i always said i love them so much...

So next round..Euphoria anyone? :D

Monday, October 13, 2008


Hey i feel confuse with Jay Chou's new album those song list weih..I really have no idea i should change which song name to which..Kinki Lee please help..

Today is my 1st day bumped to college with 2nd sem..8am class is damn tiring..Too bad 5days class i got 4days also 8am class..Geez..Attend an hour class but break for few hours until 4pm got lecturer hall..Middle of the day class all cancel..

I knew this surely will happen..Especially that cb Oliver design class..For sure he will always cancel class for no reason..Waste my time and i really not feeling wanna obey him for this sem hearing all his bullshit...

I just feel stress gila lar..

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Holy crap..my 2nd sem timetable was sux..Totally sux..8am class study all the day until 6pm only can go home..Maybe middle of the time break few hours but is really sux for me..Some more we have 4 classes now seperate to 3 classes..Peggy same class with Ee..Thats cool..Now she at least got Peggy to accompany her unlike me weih..

Start from the 1st sem i dont know why i will act like anti social with my classmate or things like that..When they have any plan while during break i never join them and maybe sometimes i already got plan..So the chance that i mix with them compare to the previous years is very less..Obviously this is my own problem..The problem that i dont feel like wanna mix with them..I rather lepak alone to anywhere that i feel comfortable with..But the bad things is..Im feel ike the stranger in the class..

As Chuck said : Maybe just being friendly with them? Maybe? In my class just can trust few of them and yea you know who you are..But other than my class i trust all my cert friend..I love them !!

Emo sial la this post..ishh..

You should try this movie..not bad :D

Friday, October 3, 2008


Gosh..my sleeping time is geting pretty odd recently..Gonna start my 2nd sem only get odd..Watch tv untill 3 to 4am only go to bed..But i still can manage to wake up early at the next morning..Incredible huh? I already get used to wake up early..

New sem started next week..so better pack myself up and get ready for the new sem..By the way i have a story to tell but i am damn lazy to type it out..hahaha..A story about my friend..One day if i got the time, I got that mood i blog it up here..
I promise..

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Selamat Hari Raya!!

Is nothing special for me actually..No public holiday,No green pau received and so on..But my celaka friend wish me cause i look alike malay..Not one but many of them..dohh..Laichee and i become he mangsa of the group..haha..

Hey seriously those curry cause my ulcer feel damn bad..I am damn suffer with it..Now just 1 biji but last time i remember i kena 3 biji at the same time..I dont know how i go through this painful moment..By the way..I fall to spicy food already :D

Night we all bounce to...

Louis's house steamboat 01/10/2008

At first we feel awful because we have no idea why Ian suddenly organize steamboat at his cousin Louis's house..He is not malay he dont celebrate Raya..The only reason that we can think of is celebrate he have girlfriend already ;) Congrats to you ya..Finally you found your dream girl..

His girl look alike Ebel..I swear..

Kin & Est

Jeff came back from Ipoh again :D

I addict to photoshop already weih..Maybe now is really not really well of doing it..But i will improve it at the future time..Need some time to figure it out ;D

Jeff> Laichee> Wardy

Law hahahaha..

When Ian came back from fetch his girl to the house..His dad was very excited and ask all of us out to welcome them..what a funny daddy he have..haha..At the same time..His cousin Louis's car was passing by Ian's car and he horn like the groom cari his bridge at their big day..

Few of us bounce back home earlier and didn't join the 2nd round..That is the wise choice ever that we ever made..They was dead drunk right now..hahahahahaha..
I dont even understand what is JinYuan typing in msn..

Last but not least..Here is the picture of Bryan which is Ian's brother bully Wardy..He was very big size and chubby and he can carry one of us with his one had..Dohhh..

I am sleepy weih..


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